Get the nutrients you need and none of what you don’t. Assessment is 100% free!

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I just love this… IDNutrition combines all the science we have gathered on what nutrients the body is missing. This valuable Free Health Assessment personalizes a supplement regime to provide the nutrients you need while ensuring you don’t get any of the nutrients that you shouldn’t be taking. And the results are amazing.”

-Catherine Hansen MD

See for yourself… Pharmacist Paul Sullivan explains.

Free Health Assessment:

Over 4000 algorithms are used in a Proprietary Computerized personal health assessment (HIPAA-Protected) to select from over 130 ingredients to produce an customized supplement program delivered in convenient daily packets.

About The Products:

ID Nutrition Supplements are all Pharmaceutical Grade, Non-GMO, Gluten & Casein Free. One of the most amazing parts is that IDLife uses bio-active fillers which provide nutritional value or anti-oxidant protection over and above the vitamin, mineral or nutrient component.

It's About the Science:

over 7000 articles were reviewed in the development of the algorithms and a team of experts continuously reviews an astonishing 5200 journals monthly to ensure that the science behind ID Nutrition remains up to date at all times for your benefit and safety. These scientific articles are from reputable, peer-reviewed journals that the medical community has come to trust for guiding clinical care.

The Founder:

Paul Sullivan, pharmacist (PhD) and founder is clear that he is NOT offering alternative medicine but wishes to create a truly INTEGRATIVE approach to healthcare that utilizes nutrition to promote wellness. He has made the avoidance of drug-drug interactions his life’s work.


Chronobiology studies the time of day nutrients are taken in order to maximize their benefit and which nutrients should be taken together or separately. If you believe that nutrition is important to overall health, IDLife is for you!

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee:

The fact that IDLife provides this 30 day guarantee speaks volumes to their quality and effectiveness. With backing like this, why wouldn’t you try it and see the results for yourself!