I love this time of year and I take it very seriously. Many years ago, I had this horrible sensation that time was running out. My babies were growing up, my job was all-consuming with no real sense of fulfillment, my husband was busy living his dreams and I was starting to feel my age. Yet, I plugged away. Life had become one rote habit after another and, yet, in every sense of the word, I was “successful”. From the outside, I had it all. Most of the time, however, I was left wondering,

“Is this all there is?”

Some may call it mid-life, others a crisis, but for me it was a catalytic moment in time.

While we never really know why some things happen, what happened next was a true ignitor, launching me on a new trajectory and completely resetting my priorities. Not that I didn’t always put family first or believe that love was more important than money, but, until that moment, I was measuring my life by a stick that others had created.

And then it happened. A series of life events that led to the closure of my private practice, a forced reduction to part-time medical work, some threatening emails from people I respected and considered friends, many nights of confusion drowned out only by a river of tears and, as time would reveal, an opportunity of a lifetime. Not everyone is so lucky.

The direction of my life was changed forever and, from then on, I decided that I would not let another year slip by without my full and undivided attention! In fact, I decided that I would not let a single, solitary day go by without some of ME in it.

Every end signifies a new beginning. That is why I love this time of year. As one year ends, another begins and reminds us to take pause. To declare what you want 2019 to look like and to lay the groundwork for the months ahead. But don’t just do it today…do it tomorrow and next week and throughout the 4 seasons. You may even want to formulate a 5 or 10 year plan outlining the biggest dreams you can imagine. The important part is allowing yourself the opportunity to consider the possibilities. To sink into the present moment, release all that didn’t serve you in 2018 and embark on a fresh start.

With intentional, daily, effort comes clarity and I yearn for all women and men to find their path to her/his highest calling in 2019. Individually and collectively, it’s time to realize that every moment matters. Every person we touch is irrevocably impacted. Every ripple we create builds around us until it envelopes more hearts than we will ever know. Our goals become the stepping stone for others to reach their own. Our dreams build a reality for people we haven’t even met. If we endeavor to be a fully realized version of ourselves, we set the stage for others to do the same.

So, if you think that the quiet time you spend on self-reflection today is selfish, think again!

As you strive for self-actualization, you blaze a trail for those around you, both friends and strangers, to reach beyond their comfort zone and live out their wildest dreams.

Simply put, as you become more YOU, the world around us blossoms one soul at a time.

Good news is, you only need to know the first step.

Try this with me today:

  • Take 3 separate pages in your journal or notepaper. On the top of each new page write a BIG DREAM or GOAL FOR 2019.
  • Next put a line down the middle of the page under the BIG DREAM, dividing the rest of the page into 2 columns.
  • To the left of this line write, “What I Need” and to the right write, “First step”
  • Create a list of 3 things you need on the left and the First Step toward fulfilling on that specific need adjacent to it on the right. (See my example attached).

Remember, you won’t be able to do everything at once and the beauty is that you have an entire year to work TOWARDS your big goals for 2019. If you are serious about fulfilling on these dreams, find a way to remind yourself daily, weekly and monthly that these are your guiding light for the year.

Everything you do whether it be caring for your family, going to work, eating, sleeping, exercising or singing in the shower should be focused on realizing these 3 goals.

This is your one life and it’s yours to live.

You are the only one who knows what is right for you.

NOTE: See the attached photo with my examples and watch for updates in our Empowered Women’s Circle. If you are part of our Empowered Women’s Circle (or want to be), bring your “Top 3 for 2019” with you to the January 9, 2019 Monthly Live Event and let’s create some momentum! Join us at EWCircle.com