I'm getting back to routines this week and I realized a few things that reinforce my vision for 2017. I spent time in the office this week and, as with every week, I saw many women at the end of their rope. I sat with women overwhelmed, exhausted and confused.

I have been experiencing the frustration women feel for 20 years so this week was no surprise. But I have promised myself that this year I will take action like never before.

An incredible sadness washes over me when I realize how difficult it is for so many women to find peace, acceptance and self-love. Our society and our entire world is suffering because, as yet, there is no path forward for women who are frustrated, lost and alone in their struggle.

I've declared that, for me, 2017 will be different. 

My passion is leading, guiding and educating women who want to do things differently this year. 

My purpose is to equip and empower women to step up and live their very best life. 

I count myself blessed that I've uncovered my life's work and the reason I was put on this earth - I'm here to serve you and women like you.

Women are READY for change but they don't know how to get started. 

I'm spending 2017 helping you find your "sweet spot" where you have enough. 

Enough energy to focus on personal pursuits. 

Enough initiative to realize professional goals. 

Enough intention to enjoy your loved ones. 

Enough time to reflect on the beautiful moments of life that have previously slipped by unnoticed. 

Enough strength and purpose to show up in bigger and better ways then ever before. 

I'm offering my expertise and support so that YOU can realize your potential while not losing yourself in the process. 

There is a new way to think and a new way to BE - and it's the ONLY way to find balance and live according to your own rules.

You may be asking yourself what's next in your life or you may be feeling like you are too tired to even consider the next step. That's why I'm here.

Ask yourself these questions and then hang on tight while I show you a way forward!

1. Are you feeling pulled in every direction, pushing hard at work and at home, yet not feeling a sense of accomplishment? Instead you feel drained, exhausted and frustrated?

2. Are you wondering if your hormones are causing all of your problems and you can't get a straight answer from your doctor?

3. Do you feel strong and believe that you are capable of more than you currently achieve? Do you feel a sense of untapped potential welling up inside you?

4. Do you sense a disconnection between what you are capable of and how you are showing up in the world? Are you overwhelmed with daily life? Is the "overwhelm" holding you back from fully contributing your skills and gifts? 

5. Are you walking around in "survival-mode" all the time?  Are you missing the memory-making moments with family that you can never get back?

6. Are you motivated to get your health on track so you feel energetic, focused, vital and alive?

7. Do you want 2017 to be different? Are you ready for 2017 to be THE year that you blossom into your authentic self? Are you excited about the possibility of a life aligned with your core values and prioritizing the people and things you KNOW are most important to you?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions and you feel emotion or energy when you read them, then don't let 2017 go by like every other year.

Make THIS year a new start. 

Trust that 2017 is THE year that you can get life on track, in balance and aligned with your north star so that you can finally step into your power once and for all.

Join our Empowered Women's Circle (https://drcatherinehansen.com/empowered/) and step into a new you along with other like-minded, health-conscious women doing the same. We gather virtually in our weekly Circle and meet monthly for in-person events - we welcome all women ready to show up fully on their own behalf (and we will show you how to do this:).

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

When was the last time someone asked you about you? Has anyone EVER helped you focus on your future and your goals with the intent of gently and lovingly guiding your forward? Are you craving clarity about how to up-level your health, vitality and life? Would you find value in knowing what is holding you back?

Together we will create a path toward the best 2017 you could ever imagine.