You may be wondering who I am and why I am so passionate about helping you improve your health.  

It started in grade 6 when I flatly advised my parents while driving that, “I am going to be a gynecologist”.  My stay-at-home Mom and firefighting father responded with, “how do you know what a gynecologist is?”.  I had been learning about the female reproductive system in health and I have remained fascinated ever since.  To imagine our human bodies can create brand new human bodies!  

So, I went to medical school and quickly realized I wanted to spend my time educating people to live healthier.  

A Masters of Public Health from Johns Hopkins expanded my vision from caring for individuals to educating entire communities to care for their own health.  I soon became a doctor interested in educating people to help and heal themselves, trapped in a world of professionals who were focused on, and rewarded financially for, doing surgery and treating illnesses only AFTER patients became sick.  

What about preventing illness?  What about public health initiatives?  What about providing the body and the mind (yes, the mind) with all the resources it needs and patiently allowing it to do what it is designed to do, repair and restore itself?  I still practice conventional medicine and have seen many situations where prescription medications or surgery are absolutely necessary.  To deny this fact is counter-productive and sometimes dangerous. But, I have seen many more examples of how we abuse and damage our bodies and minds by the way we live day-to-day.  

I believe and I want to educate and empower YOU to believe that you CAN live healthier.   

You CAN improve your quality of life for the years you have left on this earth and you may even be able to prolong those years.  We live in a world of misinformation and quick fixes and my goal is to bring you factual, evidence-based information that will enlighten and inform you so you can leave the legacy you were put on earth to leave.  

If I can help YOU live your best life, you will, in turn, be better prepared to positively impact the lives of those around you.  You will have more patience, forgive more freely, love more openly, live more passionately and, one step at a time, feel the freedom that goes along with being the person you were intended to be.  My hope for you is that you will have the courage to come along with me for the ride.  It promises to be a wonderful journey!

Now, I would like to learn about YOU!  Please engage in our community of wellness by sharing YOUR story.