Implementing a 5 minute mindfulness practice is good for your mind, body and relationships! Studies have shown you will receive positive benefit by spending just 5 minutes daily in a mindful practice such as yoga, meditation or tai chi.  The results  of this practice will help re-wire your brain and reduce your anxiety.  You may be asking why?

We know the hormone dopamine is calming while oxytocin is related to nurturing, trusting and calmness.  We can create an entire pharmacy within our bodies by altering some of the ways we think, feel and move through our day.  By implementing a short mindfulness practice we will immediately see positive results both in how we feel and in how our body responds to stressful situations.

Ladies, it is important to know men need 2-3 times more physical touching to release the SAME amount of oxytocin as women. They truly do have need for a little more physical connection. It is important to understand, be mindful and have fun!

Starting today- take 5 minutes to  love yourself, love your life and love your relationship more!