A new study provides sweet relief for many women who have spent countless nights tossing and turning not able to sleep.  Don’t you remember sleepless nights when you were up with your kids thinking you would catch up on sleep when they grew up? As we age into a new phase of life our sleep is often disturbed by hormones created during the menopause process.  Ladies, there is good news, Acupuncture can provide much needed sleep relief for women experiencing perimenopausal and postmenopausal sleep disturbances!

A new study released from the School of Nursing, College of Nursing, Taipei Medical University, and the Sleep Science Center, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taiwan on February 4th in Obstetrics & Gynecology finds increased success and sleep patterns for women seeking regular acupuncture treatment.  

The study found one of the primary reasons for the onset of sleep is the reduction of the core body temperature provided by the acupuncture relief.

The authors of the study explained,  “We recommend that acupuncture should be adopted as an alternative or complementary therapy for improving sleep in addition to current conventional therapies (eg, [hormone therapy]) in women experiencing menopause-related sleep disturbances.”

“Individuals who are interested in adopting acupuncture therapy as an alternative therapy to conventional treatments for improving menopause-related sleep disturbances should talk to their acupuncturists about the Sanyinjiao acupoint as the preferred acupoint to stimulate the secretion of serum estradiol levels.”

As strong women who have gone without sleep for far too long, as we care for our bodies, our spirits and our minds we need to be intentional to find sleep solutions.