We will never advance the thinking of our world by continuing to function from a, “we are right, they are wrong” perspective.

We will never heal the gapping open wounds inflicted on our nation by believing “we are better than them.”

Everyone has an opinion and it’s never simple, only simplified. Each and every individual walking the face of our planet views the world through a looking glass.

This looking glass was created for them and by them.

The only way to bring our world together is to seek to know ourselves so well that we cultivate awareness of our own looking glass. We must start to realize how our perspective was formed and acknowledge the way it distorts our view. Each person’s viewpoint carries value. As much value as our own. We don’t have to conform and we mustn’t accept unethical or immoral actions against our fellow humans. But it’s time to stop judging and start listening.

On January 21, 2017 women were heard like never before. That day marked a culmination of events leading up to the largest global movement ever. With the blessing of Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter, it was named the Women’s March on Washington after the civil rights march of 1963.

Groups gathered in all US states and most developed (and some developing) nations globally. The sheer size of the march was awe-inspiring and I still get tears when I scroll through the pictures from around the world that day. It was not just a show of solidarity, it was history. And I was alive to witness it. And learn from it.

The gravity of what occurred is still sinking in and to analyze it too deeply removes some of its power. If we want to see the world become a truly loving place, our job is to ensure that this historic day does not go by unnoticed. We must safeguard against misinterpretation. Unite to prohibit its use as ammunition to strengthen the “us versus them.” Sequestering it to the archives would be wrong.

It was history. It is our history.

The balance is tipping. We, as a world of humans, have the capacity to come together to show our strength over issues that pertain to all of us.

We are expanding beyond the segmented concerns of one group or one gender and endeavoring to see the world without the distortion of our own looking glass. When we embrace this level of acceptance about people with diverse customs, values, languages and beliefs the global impact will be exponentially greater than any movement that has come before.

Individually, we matured beyond the ego-centric ways of our young child-like selves, and recognized our association to a group. We took solace in knowing that there were others “like us” out there and they made us feel safe. We created alliances and stuck close to our tribe. We believed somehow that our family, our gender, our race, our tribe were somehow better or more right than others not like us. We saw a need to protect ourselves from diversity.

The Women’s March on Washington has revealed something incredible about the worldview held by the inhabitants of our planet. For the first time in history, it is evident that it is within the realm of possibility to align with humanity. That beyond gender, beyond color, beyond politics, beyond orientation, we are all human. We are all connected by our human-ness. And without giving up the core of who we are and what we believe, we can peacefully but powerfully express acceptance and understanding that our way is not the only one.

Now instead of bonding over similarities, we can embrace our differences and be intentional about sharing love, forgiveness and acceptance with everyone.

With all people.

It used to be impossible to imagine a world coming together in this way but on January 21, 2017 the impossible became possible.