Every year I walk around asking everyone for their New Year’s resolutions and I am not deterred by the fact that some people “don’t believe” in them (my husband included).

For me, there are 2 times a year that signify a chance for re-birth, re-invention and self-initiated positive change. January 1st, well, for me it’s more like Jan 2nd after I recover from the New Year’s Eve party, and September when school starts each year. Despite not being in school for many years now, I still enjoy the new start that happens every fall. Want to stay in touch until fall to hear more? Click here.

The way I look at it, if we don’t at least make an attempt, we definitely won’t succeed and while we may state the same resolutions for many years in a row, even small positive changes are better than none. The start of a brand new year allows me a chance to reflect on my personal growth, my priorities for the year ahead and all the things I could do better. Such contemplation opens up real insight into the lessons I have learned and forces me to consider the very practical ways that I can do better, even if only for the first month of 2016.  It may not come as a surprise that self-compassion is high on my list of things I can do better!

There are many effective ways to make resolutions “stick” and the easiest and most proven method is to post them. They become your personal goals and for goals to come to fruition, they must be posted where you relate to them on a daily basis. Mine go beside my toothbrush along with a few inspirational messages and some original creations by my kiddos. The positive messages and creative drawings may get rotated regularly but my goals stay in place until they are completed or no longer relevant. But more about goal setting to come in the New Year – it’s one of my favorite topics!

 More important to me, and the reason for my infatuation with this time of year, is to be certain that 2015 doesn’t slip away unnoticed and that intentions are set for 2016. In my experience there is only one way to slow the passage of time, it is to stop and mark specific events; to recall past incidents with detail and to really sink into the memories. To feel the emotions, smell the smells, listen to the noises and live the occasion once again. This is how I use my journal and the more regularly I spend time in recollection of wonderful memories, the more I am reminded that we are creating new ones with each interaction and future plans we put in place. So, it is with looking back and reliving the joy of 2015 that we are truly able to set into motion the wonder of what 2016 will bring.

Today, or sometime this weekend, I hope you will set aside some time to relive the blessings from 2015, realize you get better and better with each passing year, know that your most precious moments are right here and now and, with positive intention, set into motion a waterfall of love, peace, joy and purpose for all that 2016 has in store for you and yours. All the best in 2016!