If you weren’t with us last week, it will be valuable to sit with this recap and enjoy the incredible insights we shared in our Empowered Women’s Circle. Go grab a latte and enjoy the learning….

The Empowered Women’s Circle meets in an on-line virtual Circle WEEKLY on Thursdays at noon CT (watch your inbox for details and links) and you can join or watch the videos at your convenience anytime. The sessions, which build on each other, are all waiting for you HERE so return regularly to see what you’ve missed.

Life is busy, so we make it as easy as possible to keep yourself engaged in your own wellness journey – we get you!

We started the evening with a short, guided meditation that allowed us to step into our power as strong, capable women ready to be the best version of ourselves.

Throughout the evening, we were reminded that DAILY quiet time, like this mediation, elicits the “relaxation response” and actually changes our biology. You could try meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi, repetitive movement like walking, jogging or just being fully present and aware of the space around you – whatever you fancy – just implement this time into your routine wherever it fits!

The neurochemical response of your new relaxation practice is scientifically measurable and allows healing, recovery, improved immunity and better coping with all the challenges of life.

The focus of our entire evening together was to provide resources for each of us to tap into the relaxation response and reap the benefits in the long-term.

Carolina Batres showed us a beautiful video of a recent Friendswood, TX “sew-a-thon”, where women and girls gathered to create feminine hygiene kits that will restore dignity to women of all ages in the developing world. If you missed this, we will post it on our homepage – have a look HERE! And the next opportunity to participate is November 4, 2017, 9am-3pm - see our Closed FaceBook Group for details!

We will also continue to share the ways you can become involved and the personal fulfillment and peace that comes from knowing you are extending love to others in need.

True and lasting self-actualization IS NOT JUST ABOUT YOU – and on some level you are already deeply aware of this – hence the reason we yearn for a sense of community and the impetus behind our Empowered Women’s Circle.

As we move up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (see more in our introductory video HERE), from food and water to co-creating our world, we realize that fulfillment is always about something bigger than ourselves. We openly share resources within our Circle so that each of us can extend our most innate gifts and talents to each other with a deep inner knowing that it is what we came to this earth to do. No one was born to live in isolation and your passions are the seeds of your potential and the parts of you that you MUST share with the world. We need you.

The realization of our hopes and dreams as women depends on our willingness to reach out, give back, be visible, think big and show up for ourselves and for others in unprecedented ways.

You don’t have to know the way and you don’t need to walk alone any longer. We are here and your tribe has arrived. You need only the willingness and the openness to join us on our journey.

Recently married, Marcia Way-Eng, always provides entertaining and body-twisting things to try and last week was no exception! With gentle twists and stretches, we learned ways to relax our body and prepare it for rest, healing and rejuvenation. I’ve come to crave my early morning yoga routine and the days I miss it leave me grouchy, irritable, constricted (in mind and body) and achy. Marcia shared some great ways to alleviate that hunched over feeling of office work. Whether you do your stretches in the morning, evening, watching TV or sitting at your desk – you will IMMEDIATELY notice a full body release when you use some of her tricks and tips.

Dr. Stacey Cooper surprised us with a session on creativity. The women in our Circle were amazed and awakened to their right brain and the power of “getting out of our heads” and into the tranquility that comes from letting go, accepting, releasing and finding the joy. Whether it’s art, music, dance, cooking, knitting or just being present to feel the breeze on your face – awaken your creative spirit and reap the rewards of an entirely new approach to life. Ahhhh, can you feel that? I can.

Our newest EWC leader, Amy Robison, brought a crock pot full of golden turmeric milk to fill us with calm during our discussion. She shared how certain foods and specific nutrients feed into the parasympathetic nervous system to create a calmer environment for our body. Amy is a wealth of knowledge and experience helping people get to the root of their health concerns to promote a natural, whole-body approach to health and prevention of disease.

Amy reminded us of the importance of equipping our body with healthy food and nutrients so that it can do what it is supposed to do. Instead of feeling exhausted, crashing throughout the day, lying awake at night, feeling groggy in the mornings – she taught us ways to alleviate the fatigue and feel re-invigorated.

While whole foods are a priority, your wellness leaders all share a deep understanding that we cannot get everything we need for full body function from food alone. In current day, agricultural processes and food transport (not to mention drive thru lanes), have depleted our food sources of essential nutrients and it behooves us as wellness leaders to provide resources for our clients – for you!

In the coming weeks, I will share more information about how IDLife is meeting those nutrient needs in safe and studied ways and we would love to hear from the numerous women with incredible testimonials about how IDLife has changed their health for the better. In my practice, many women have been able to alleviate their menopausal symptoms and mood swings with clean diet and IDNutrition without needing hormone replacement therapy, (nutritional supplements are not FDA approved to prevent or cure disease – we can talk about why that is the case later).

Let’s chat it up in our Closed Facebook Group – LINK HERE.

For now, in keeping with our mandate, we implore you to take charge of YOUR OWN health and we want to help you to make informed decisions that are always supported by credible, scientific evidence.

IDLife is one resource that we stand behind (the science speaks for itself) and your wellness leaders encourage you to reach out for more personal wellness coaching so you can reach your goals and live your dreams!

If you haven’t completed your FREE, HIPAA compliant on-line IDLife health assessment – contact your wellness leader – it’s a valuable, credible, free resource for you!

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Wow, as I recap our incredible event, I am left with a sense of accomplishment followed quickly by an incomplete feeling that there is so much more to share.

We will continue to bring your virtual WEEKLY SESSIONS and MONLTHY LIVE EVENTS and send you informative emails and inspiring Facebook posts.

Together, we can do this!

We want to hear from you. We want to know your challenges. We want to celebrate your successes.

We are a Circle of Empowered Women and WE HAVE EACH OTHER’S BACK!

Welcome aboard!