Welcome back for part 2 of “7 Steps to Taking Back Your Life” series where I encourage and challenge you to Take Back Your Life!  The first 4 steps to taking back your life focused on educating, empowering and accepting ourselves. Did you embrace your life and celebrate your wisdom last week? My hope is that you see you are an amazing, beautiful, strong and courageous woman whose life has endless possibilities.

Let’s review the first 4 Steps to Take Back Your Life:
Understand your hormones
2)   Consider your role models
3)   Remember you are the most important person in your life
4)   Proudly Wear your age

While our past guides and shapes us, the only way we can truly take back our life is to control our future. The last 3 steps to Taking Back Your Life give you tools to make this happen.

5) Create new goals and dreams that take back your life

Because the role of most women is to nurture and care for their family putting the needs of others first, often times we stop living the dreams we had and have. In many cases, when asked, women do not know what goals they would like to pursue for themselves. In order to take back our lives we must create new goals and dreams for our future.

A sense of accomplishment outside the home becomes more important to women during life’s transitions and those with rewarding careers have better self-acceptance, independence, function more effectively and report better physical health. If a woman does not, yet, have a career or independent interests, this is the time that allows her the freedom and self-confidence to pursue those dreams.  If she has not been “allowed” the time in her busy life to know those dreams, she can finally sit back and consider her own wants, needs, desires and pursuit of something more fulfilling. This is HER time. Everyone else has learned to wipe their own bums, make their own coffee, complete their own class assignments, serve their own dinner and get a drive to practice. If not, they need to.

Identifying your goals and dreams is not a  task that should be done haphazardly but thoughtfully.  Investing time to create your goals and dreams is the only way you will succeed.

I encourage you to set aside time to truly think about what goals and dreams you want to accomplish in the future.

6) Pursue your passions

Think of the excitement that flows through every action and thought when you are focused on your passions. Women are truly amazing in what we are able to accomplish. On any given day you are able to do laundry, act as a chauffeur, keep track of every family member, cook and clean and often complete several of these things at once, (women are masters of multi-tasking!).  As we enter the time in life when our family obligations change as children grow up we can now harness that energy to pursue our passions. The best part of creating new goals based on our dreams is the desire, inspiration and tenacity that comes from within.  

Clearly identifying what you want for your future socially, personally and professionally will ignite your passion.  

What is your true passion in life? What steps are you going to take to pursue your passions? Remember when you truly believe in something you are unstoppable!

7) Create your own rules

The best thing about “Taking Back Your Life” is realizing now is the time to create your own rules. You are no longer responsible for everyone else. Now is the time to write the rules you want to live by in the future. What do you want to do? Who do you want to do it with? How do you spend your time?

It is your future so it is time to create the rules you follow. Take 5 minutes and write the rules down that you will follow in the future. Remember you create and own the users manual for your life, make it yours!

Eda LeShan was right when she said, “When we truly care for ourselves,
it becomes possible to care far more profoundly about other people. The more alert and sensitive we are to our own needs, the more loving and generous we can be toward others.” In order to make this happen we truly need to take back our lives. You are responsible for your future and owe it to yourself to make it the best possible life.

Following “7 Steps to Take Back Your Life” will help you love your life and make a difference in others!  

“7 Steps to Take Back Your Life”

Understand your hormones
Consider your role models
Remember you are the most important person in your life
Proudly Wear your age
Create new goals and dreams that take back your life
Pursue your passions
Create your own rules