Hit the Pause Button

If I offered you a week of paid vacation, would you take it?

If I offered you hundreds of dollars of cash, no strings attached, would you thank me and run the other direction?

If you are like me, you are screaming, “hell, yes!” to both of those questions.

However, the truth is that while almost three quarters of Americans get paid vacation time, over half leave 7 days or more unused every year, essentially, kissing away the cash. Texans and other southerners are less likely to take a trip than our northern counterparts and Generation X (that’s me!) are the least likely of any other age-cohort to embrace fun in the sun!

While handing over money to employers is unsettling, the bigger tragedy is the loss of quality time with loved ones.

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Study finds Acupuncture Provides Sleep Relief for Menopausal Women

A new study provides sweet relief for many women who have spent countless nights tossing and turning not able to sleep.  Don’t you remember sleepless nights when you were up with your kids thinking you would catch up on sleep when they grew up? As we age into a new phase of life our sleep is often disturbed by hormones created during the menopause process.  Ladies, there is good news, Acupuncture can...

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Sleeping makes you smarter!

It makes sense that a lack of sleep is associated with mood disturbances such as anxiety, depression and irritability but it is more worrisome that problems with sleep are linked to chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer.

Abnormal sleep patterns with less than 5 hours per night are associated increased cognitive decline when compared to control groups who achieve 7 hours of restful shut eye.

There are as many reasons for insomnia as there are insomniacs...

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