How old is too old?

When Louise Hay celebrated her 90th birthday this year, I was inclined to consider this question as it pertains to life, love and sexual intimacy, “How old is too old?”

Louise Hay epitomizes the manifestation of an intentional life of love and admits that she didn’t get started until well beyond 50 doing most of the things she is known for today. This reminds us that...

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Improved Sex Life With Mindfulness

Implementing a 5 minute mindfulness practice is good for your mind, body and relationships! Studies have shown you will receive positive benefit by spending just 5 minutes daily in a mindful practice such as yoga, meditation or tai chi.  The results  of this practice will help re-wire your brain and reduce your anxiety.  You may be asking why?

We know the hormone dopamine is calming while oxytocin is related to nurturing, trusting and calmness.  We can create an entire pharmacy within our bodies by...

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Making ‘The Change’ A Positive One

Hello each and everyone of you! I hope your day is fabulous and that you are treating yourself with kindness and compassion. Remember, in order to have compassion for others, we must first have compassion for ourselves!  

Today’s insightful and thoughtful post was written by my friend and colleague, Sue Loncaric. I truly appreciate her genuine, honest reminders to keep having fun and laughing as we are ‘Sizzling Towards 60!’

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Find your sexy!

Sometimes feeling sexy and radiating positive energy means letting go of toxicity, quitting a job that is life-sucking, ending a tumultuous relationship or reminding your family that you make your own decisions. Being gorgeous and ageless means letting go of what others think and dancing to your own drum, sometimes literally if dancing makes you feel sexy.

Empowered women are sexy. Fulfilled women are sexy. Independent and insightful women are sexy. Authentic women are sexy. Women who know themselves, believe in themselves and parade their unique imperfections into the world spreading love and kindness are sexy. 

Go ahead, show us YOUR sexy!

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