Play Like a Girl!

I was born the eldest grandchild on both sides and I was dearly loved. But, since I was a baby girl, my grandfather didn’t open the Dom Perignon. They waited until my brother was born to celebrate his succession of the family name. As a young girl, that didn’t make sense to me. Years later, I see the culture that breeds acceptance of these tiny acts of inequity. It is possible that my desperate need to feel “as good as” or be treated “equal to” manifested over-achievement in almost every area of my life. Perhaps that’s positive.

But I wonder what little girls would truly accomplish if we valued them for their feminine attributes and didn’t subtly (or not so subtly), communicate that they need to be like boys to play in this world.

I suggest we play like girls and see what happens.

If we want a world that values the feminine as much as the masculine and treats everyone with the same respect and dignity, we must act and now. There is a call to rise, as a community of people (men and women), who believe that the world would be a better place if greater value were placed on loyalty, communication, compassion, empathy and patience.

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Intuition, are you using yours?

Have you ever looked back on a situation and thought, “I knew that wasn’t right for me”?

Have you ever felt really nervous about a decision despite carefully working through all possible outcomes in your mind and then had it turn out poorly?

Have you ever developed goose bumps during a conversation that seemed completely unexpected?

As a physician, I was initially trained to use hard facts, scientific answers and peer-reviewed literature to manage patients. It wasn’t until I was a medical student on the pediatric ward with a very astute senior resident that I learned about the concept of “mother’s intuition”. He reminded me that mothers “just know” their children and if mom is concerned, the medical team needs to take her seriously. This was contrary to a lot of my training focused on NOT listening to emotional parents in order to avoid clouded judgment.

As time goes on and life experience has added to my database, I have come to realize that we all have an innate sense at our disposal. You can call it intuition, Divine guidance, a sixth sense,  or just plain gut feelings.

In keeping with the mystery, it’s hard to put into words.

But whether we can describe it or not, the important thing is that we can use it to guide our path.

As our generation of women step into bigger possibilities and yearn for deeper life purpose, we must also cultivate our intuitive powers. Having access to this intimate knowledge at crucial junctures is essential for an authentic life, aligned with core values. Intuition provides the breadcrumbs that lead you home to a whole-hearted, purpose-driven, fully realized life.

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Hit the Pause Button

If I offered you a week of paid vacation, would you take it?

If I offered you hundreds of dollars of cash, no strings attached, would you thank me and run the other direction?

If you are like me, you are screaming, “hell, yes!” to both of those questions.

However, the truth is that while almost three quarters of Americans get paid vacation time, over half leave 7 days or more unused every year, essentially, kissing away the cash. Texans and other southerners are less likely to take a trip than our northern counterparts and Generation X (that’s me!) are the least likely of any other age-cohort to embrace fun in the sun!

While handing over money to employers is unsettling, the bigger tragedy is the loss of quality time with loved ones.

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Your Life Has Arrived

We live in a world that has been dominated by a masculine approach. My profession has been, predominantly, lead by men and women who have embodied this approach, including myself. Medicine and many other professions are focused on structure, timelines, productivity, determination, discipline and physical stamina. Women have been incredibly successful in many realms where they have learned, through years of hard work, to walk, talk and think like a man. And it’s been an essential part of how we have been elevated to our current place in the professional world. We need women to step up and embrace the logic and task-oriented approach that has gained us a seat at the table. I am grateful to those women (and those qualities in all of us) for how far we have come.

Centuries of living in a world created by men, for men, have taught us not to trust our feminine instincts. Yet, many women sense that something is missing. Restlessness and overwhelm have become the norm. Intuition whispers that there is better way. Inner yearnings are waking us up to possibilities that were, until now, impossible.

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