Do you want to be part of a better world? It’s a real question.

Being the best you is not about having best-selling books, highest SEO, incredible wealth, fast cars, high cheekbones or an award winning physique. It’s about ALL of those things or none of those things, according to the natural order & organic unfolding of life. And not just your life. The full equation involves being part of a bigger, integrated whole.

Personal mastery and personal growth are not personal at all. Ultimately, they involve reaching a hand to those who may be lost or hurting or wildly successful for all the wrong reasons. It’s shining our own light bold & bright to illuminate the path for those who are, as yet, less self-aware than ourselves.

It’s wanting for others what we desire for ourselves BECAUSE we care about all people as if they were us. In fact, they are. There is no “them”, only “us” occupying our planet.

The mindset that has led our world to where we are now will not take us to the next level (personally or collectively). A new perspective is needed. A lens that sees each human being as an essential part of a beautiful whole and, in doing so, helps each unique individual leverage God-given gifts to move us forward.

“We are a Circle of like-minded, health-conscious women sharing vision & vitality in our own lives so that we can be in active service to a better, healthier and more connected world for all” – Catherine Hansen (Founder Empowered Women’s Circle)

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Do something about it.

All positive global change has involved a strong presence from those willing to push boundaries. Abolishing slavery. Women’s right to vote. Equal pay for equal work.  Advocating change always starts with an opinion and a line in the sand. These trailblazers didn’t just respectfully say, “let’s agree to disagree.” They had vision, immense courage and took action, even when it wasn’t popular. Especially when it wasn’t popular.

To “BE the change” means caring for people but not caring about what people think. It means having deep conviction that no matter the outcome, doing nothing is not an option.

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Your Top 3 in 2019

I love this time of year and I take it very seriously. Many years ago, I had this horrible sensation that time was running out. My babies were growing up, my job was all-consuming with no real sense of fulfillment, my husband was busy living his dreams and I was starting to feel my age. Yet, I plugged away. Life had become one rote habit after another and, yet, in every sense of the word, I was “successful”. From the outside, I had it all. Most of the time, however, I was left wondering,

“Is this all there is?”

Some may call it mid-life, others a crisis, but for me it was a catalytic moment in time.

While we never really know why some things happen, what happened next was a true ignitor, launching me on a new trajectory and completely resetting my priorities. Not that I didn’t always put family first or believe that love was more important than money, but, until that moment, I was measuring my life by a stick that others had created.

And then it happened. A series of life events that led to the closure of my private practice, a forced reduction to part-time medical work, some threatening emails from people I respected and considered friends, many nights of confusion drowned out only by a river of tears and, as time would reveal, an opportunity of a lifetime. Not everyone is so lucky.

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Why we need each other

Each time we connect with another woman, we find a piece of ourselves. Each time we help another woman, we help ourselves. Each time we extend love to another woman, we deepen the love for ourselves.

The world is changing and women are waking up to the reality that there is more. 

That life is not meant to be brushed across, rushed through, skimmed over and then end.

Life is not meant to be lived from outside the Circle – it’s time to find yourself in your life.

Each woman knows what she needs as she is guided to listen inward. The growth and blossoming are ALREADY happening inside each and every woman. The transformation is in process – it just needs a place to complete and then thrive and then encircle others so they, too, will realize their potential.

The Empowered Women's Circle is THE continuity that women need to “stay the course” so life is filled with intention and purpose. A place for women to remain connected to themselves so they continue to participate in the richness and joy of life – every minute of every day.

Creating the Empowered Women's Circle is what I came here to do. If you feel led, I invite you to join our growing tribe.

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