A recap of our evening together

If you weren’t with us last week, it will be valuable to sit with this recap and enjoy the incredible insights we shared in our Empowered Women’s Circle. I invite you to grab a latte and enjoy the learning….

True and lasting self-actualization IS NOT JUST ABOUT YOU – and on some level you are already deeply aware of this – hence the reason we yearn for a sense of community and the impetus behind our Empowered Women’s Circle.

As we move up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, from food and water to co-creating our world, we realize that fulfillment is always about something bigger than ourselves. We openly share resources within our Circle so that each of us can extend our most innate gifts and talents to each other with a deep inner knowing that it is what we came to this earth to do. No one was born to live in isolation and your passions are the seeds of your potential and the parts of you that you MUST share with the world. We need you.

The realization of our hopes and dreams as women depends on our willingness to reach out, give back, be visible, think big and show up for ourselves and for others in unprecedented ways.

The Empowered Women’s Circle meets in an on-line virtual Circle WEEKLY on Thursdays at noon CT (watch your inbox for details and links) and you can join or watch the videos at your convenience anytime. The sessions, which build on each other, are all waiting for you HERE so return regularly to see what you’ve missed.

Life is busy, so we make it as easy as possible to keep yourself engaged in your own wellness journey – we get you!

We started the evening with a short, guided meditation that allowed us to step into our power as strong, capable women ready to be the best version of ourselves.

Throughout the evening, we were reminded that DAILY quiet time, like this mediation, elicits the “relaxation response” and actually changes our biology. You could try meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi, repetitive movement like walking, jogging or just being fully present and aware of the space around you – whatever you fancy – just implement this time into your routine wherever it fits!

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My gift to you for 2017

I'm getting back to routines this week and I realized a few things that reinforce my vision for 2017. I spent time in the office this week and, as with every week, I saw many women at the end of their rope. I sat with women who are overwhelmed, exhausted and confused.

I have been experiencing the frustration women feel for 20 years so this week was no surprise. But I have promised myself that this year I will take action like never before.

An incredible sadness washes over me when I realize how difficult it is for so many women to find peace, acceptance and self-love. Our society and our entire world is suffering because, as yet, there is no path forward for women who are frustrated, lost and alone in their struggle.

I've declared that, for me, 2017 will be different. 

Read how I plan to do this...

And there is a free gift (valued at $125) at the end for you too!

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“7 Steps to Take Back Your Life”- Part 2

The first 4 steps to taking back your life focused on educating, empowering and accepting ourselves. Did you embrace your life and celebrate your wisdom last week? My hope is that you see you are an amazing, beautiful, strong and courageous woman whose life has endless possibilities.

While our past guides and shapes us, the only way we can truly take back our life is to control our future. The last 3 steps to Taking Back Your Life give you tools to make this happen...

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7 Steps to Taking Back Your Life

“When we truly care for ourselves, it becomes possible to care far more profoundly about other people. The more alert and sensitive we are to our own needs, the more loving and generous we can be toward others” (Eda LeShan)

When, on earth, do we have time to nurture ourselves? Between loads of laundry, field trips, college applications, ailing parents and dinner? In my practice, I hear these kinds of questions from exhausted women daily. These questions are always difficult to answer as the woman asking feels defeated and many times without hope. When responding I always guide my patients to...

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